2010 April Board of Directors Minutes

Welcome To Minnesota Arabian Horse Association

April 7, 2010
Black Stallion, Hampton MN

Attending Officers and Board Members
Lori Conway, Roberta Lembke, Jill Frieders, Lisa Lewis, Anita Grant, Miriam McGurran, Pat Swenson, John Diedrich, Toni Marie O’Daniel

Attending Delegates and Committee Chairpersons:

Members and Guests: 

Excused Absence: Laura Mickelson, Teresa LeFever, Ann Benson, Penny Gute

President Lori Conway called the meeting to order at 7:00.

Secretary Report

Jill Frieders motioned to approve the minutes from the January 11, 2010 meeting. Anita Grant seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Jill Frieders reported that MAHA had cash assets of $75, 771.79;  total assets are $78,048.46.  The Board reviewed various financial reports, including those from the Spring Fling, Open Shows Championship, and the Fall Classic.  Jill reported that all three shows were profitable.  Jill noted that the Spring Fling 2010 show should also be profitable although final receipts and invoices are not in.  Toni Marie O’Daniel motioned to approve the Treasurer’s report.  John Diedrich seconded.  Motion approved.


Roberta Lembke reported that the MAHA Express mailing list is pulled the day the Express is e-mailed out.  Because of this members with only a slight lapse in membership may not get their copy of the Express.  The Board would like friends of MAHA to get the Express.  Lisa Lewis will send on the Express to these individuals with a special cover letter.

Roberta reported that she is working to transition the MAHA website and the domain name registration to new companies to reduce costs.

Advertising and Promotion

Laura Mickelson reported that MAHA is on the cover of the Spotlight.  The Board agreed that we would use last year’s ad in the MN Horse Expo program.  The Board discussed the costs and benefits of having MAHA shirts or sweatshirts for Board members and volunteers to wear at events.  MAHA member De Mueller has volunteered to embroider shirts for the volunteers working at Expo.  De will work up a quote.

The Board also discussed having nametags for board members.  The Board was not in agreement on the value of permanent nametags but did approve of Hillary Hoffman getting an estimate on nametags.

Code of Conduct

Lori Conway reminded the Board that as Board members they are expected to represent MAHA in a positive and professional manner while attending MAHA and Region 10 events, regardless of their role at the function.  The Board acknowledged that Board members are held to higher standards, and as such, must refrain from activities and conversations that could put MAHA in a negative light.


Lori Conway reported that we have 217 adult members, 10 life members, and 71 youth.

Spring Show

Mary Tronson, Spring Fling Show secretary, sent a report that noted that 129 horses were entered in the show.  The number of horses was down about 18 horses from the 2009 show.  The 129 horses entered 483 classes.  The Board acknowledged the hard work of co-chairs Ann Benson and Teresa LeFever.

WSCA Shows and Open Shows Championship

Laura Mickelson reported that the new Arabians Unplugged show circuit  is up and running.  MAHA has hired Larry Hoffman to judge the AOSC show.  Vee Ann Woods will judge the open judge.

MN Horse Expo

Anita Grant reported that everything is nearly ready for the Expo.  She has lined up a variety of horses to represent the club.  Conway Arabians is donating staff labor to help set up the stall/booth area.  We will have a large LCD TV and have secured some great videos to play.

2010 Trail Rides

Pat Swenson reported that the MAHA trail ride is scheduled for July 17 at the Lake Elmo Park Reserve.  She has tentatively set October 9th as the date for the fall ride at Crow Hassan State Park.  Once details are finalized this will be posted on the website and on our Facebook page.  Pat will consider an overnight trail ride if there is sufficient interest.

Clinics, Open House, or other Educational Events

Lori Conway reported that the Wendy Pott’s/Tom Theisen clinic was a great success.  From that clinic MAHA gained 8 youth and10 new members.  Lori also reported that she is planning to have another clinic at the Fall Classic Show.

The Board discussed having another “big” clinic this year but did not reach any decisions.  Hillary Hoffman will pursue the possibility of having Ray LaCroix give a clinic at a member barn in place of having a banquet.

Membership Survey

Lori Conway and Ann Benson are working on a member survey.  Board members are asked to send Lori and Ann questions they would like included on the survey.

MN Horse Council

Miriam McGurran reported that the MN Horse Council is once again sponsoring a Gelding plus program.  Details will be posted on their website, as well as on the U of MN Equine Center website.

Member Promotion and Retention

Lisa has been charged to call members who have not renewed their membership to encourage them to re-join.

Fall Show

Lori Conway reported that she has hired Kristie Hart to serve as the judge for the Fall Classic.  Cheryl Black will serve as the steward.  Rob and Pam Hess are the show photographers.

2010 Meeting Dates

April  7, Board Meeting, Black Stallion, Hampton
May 12, Board Meeting, Black Stallion, Hampton
August 4 Board Meeting, Black Stallion, Hampton
September 18 General Membership Meeting
November 10, Black Stallion, Hampton

John Diedrich motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Toni Marie O’Daniel seconded the motion.  Motion approved and the meeting adjourned.