2010 January Board Of Directors Minutes

Welcome To Minnesota Arabian Horse Association

January 16, 2010
Anita Grant Home, Northfield. MN

Attending Officers and Board Members
Lori Conway, Roberta Lembke, Anita Grant, Miriam McGurran, Pat Swenson, John Diedrich, Toni Marie O’Daniel

Attending Delegates and Committee Chairpersons:

Members and Guests: 

Excused Absence: Laura Mickelson, Jill Frieders

President Lori Conway called the meeting to order at 1:30.

President’s Report

Lori Conway, MAHA President stated that her goal for the year was to increase our membership by 50 members this year.  The plan to accomplish this goal will be developed over the course of the year.

Secretary Report

Ann Benson motioned to approve the minutes from the October 7, 2010 and November 14, 2010 meeting. Toni Marie O’Daniel seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Lori Conway reported on the financial condition of the club.   Assets as of November 30th, 2009 were at $88,680.54.  Assets at the same time last year were $75,792.16.  The Spring Fling had a profit of $5,472.78;  the Fall Classic had a profit of $11,796.05.  The Board agreed that given the success of the events we need to “give back” to the members through clinics, trail rides, more member only classes, etc.  Hillary Hoffman made a motion to approve the report.  Miriam McGurran seconded the motion.  The Treasurer’s report was approved.

Region 10 Delegate Elections

The Board elected Ann Benson and Anita Grant to serve as Region 10 delegates for the 2010 and 2011.  Anita will serve as the alternate if our membership drops below 300 members.

Board Elected Positions

Ann Benson made a motion to appoint Lisa Lewis to a new, one-year At Large Member Retention and Promotion Director position.  Teresa seconded.  Motion approved.  Ann Benson made a motion to re-appoint Pat Swenson in her position as At Large Board Member for Non-Show Outreach. Anita Grant seconded the motion.  Motion passed


Roberta Lembke reported that the website had been updated and that the first 2010 edition of the Express was nearly completed.

Advertising and Promotion

The Board discussed how we can reach out to the members through social networking tools.  Hillary Hoffman volunteered to serve as the MAHA Tweeter.   The Board also discussed the possibility of creating our own promotional stand up posters we can use at events. John Diedrich will work with the Arabian Horse Times to develop the posters.

John recommended that we send out an e-mail blast through the Arabian Horse Times concerning MAHA members up for APHA awards.  John Diedrich will write up the text and have the Times graphic artist develop the design.

Hillary Hoffman volunteered to develop a new membership form.


Lori Conway reported that we have 226 adult members, 10 life members, and 68 youth.  At this time last year we had 229 adults, 10 Life, and 78 youth.

Spring Show

Ann Benson, Co-Chair of the Spring Fling reported that John Ryan is the judge for the show and Connie Curtis is the USEF Steward.  Roy Johnson is serving as the paid announcer.  John Diedrich will serve as the ringmaster for Saturday and Sunday.  The ringmaster is not set for Friday.  The official hotel is The Plaza Hotel and Suites.  The Board discussed the jackpot classes.  Toni Marie motioned to add $100 to each jackpot class; Hillary Hoffman seconded the motion.  Motion accepted.  Lori recommended that we add an English jackpot class to the 2011 Spring Fling show.  Teresa LeFever reported that we need silent auction items.

WSCA Shows and Open Shows Championship

Anita Grant and Laura Mickelson met with members of MI and Minn-I-Kota to form a new Arabian Open Show circuit.  Kelly Kraay will be printing up 300 brochures to mail out to potential participants.

2010 Trail Rides

Pat Swenson hopes to have the MAHA trail rides the last weekend of June and the second weekend of October.  Pat would like to do the first trail ride at the Lake Elmo Park.  She hopes to have the second trail ride in another area of the region.

Spur of the moment group:  Pat would like to create a mailing list for folks who want to ride on the spur of the moment.  The Board all felt this was an excellent idea and encouraged Pat to proceed.

Fall Show

Lori Conway reported that the Fall Classic Show will once again have a clinic and the dinner.  The show is scheduled for September 18-19 at Winona.  Given some uncertainties with the date of the MN Fall Fest show the Board discussed possible different dates for the show.  Toni Mari O’Daniel motioned that we keep the show date as planned and proceed with contract negotiations.  Hillary Hoffman seconded.  Motion passed.


Teresa LeFever reported that the youth will try to raise money through the silent auction, and other activities so they have funding for a clinic.  Liz Bentley agreed to do a western clinic free of charge.  Teresa reported she will no longer try to have monthly meetings, as there just isn’t the interest.

Black Stallion Literacy Project

Lori Conway reported on the Rochester Black Stallion Literacy project.  Lori attended the wine tasting part for the event.  The event was very successful but the project did not use Arabian horses.  Hillary Hoffman volunteered to start working on this again.  Anita Grant and Pat Swenson agreed to help Hillary.

Clinics, Open Houses, Educational Events

The Board discussed possible ideas for events included a fashion show and clinic at Hesten Park with Jody Hoffman giving tips on color, styles, etc., a breeding seminar, and a hunt or English clinic.  Pat Swenson would like to have a de-spooking clinic the 13th and 14th of March.  Lori Conway offered to have the clinic at her facility.  The Board agreed that we need further information on costs, etc. before we can proceed with any of the clinics.

Membership Survey

Ann Benson will do a member survey using survey monkey to determine our member’s thoughts on the club, our events and activities and gauge their interest for future events.

2010 Meeting Dates

March 13th  General membership meeting.
April  7, Board Meeting, Black Stallion, Hampton
May 12, Board Meeting, Black Stallion, Hampton
August 4 Board Meeting, Black Stallion, Hampton
September 18 General Membership Meeting
November 10

MN Horse Council

Miriam McGurran would like to have the members support the MN Horse Council. Anita Grant reported that MAHA submitted Mary Taylor’s name for MN Horseperson of the Year.

Model Horse Show

The Board has decided that we will severe our ties with the River Valley Live Model Horse Show.

MN Horse Expo

Anita Grant reported that the MN Horse Expo is April 23-25.  Lisa Lewis and Jill Frieders have already volunteered to bring horses.    Anita would like to create a 3-ring binder that has farm information, breeding, lesson, and other information.  This binder would be available for viewing at the stalls.  Lori Conway will call Glen about the contract as we normally have received this information by this date.

The Board agreed that we would rent a large LCD TV for the expo.  Lori Conway will contact Radon to make up two MAHA stall guards to use at the Expo.

Hillary Hoffman motioned to adjourn the meeting.  John Diedrich seconded the motion.  Motion approved and the meeting adjourned.