2010 May Board Of Directors Minutes

Welcome To Minnesota Arabian Horse Association

May 12, 2010
Black Stallion, Hampton MN

Attending Officers and Board Members
Lori Conway, Roberta Lembke, Jill Frieders, Hillary Hoffman, Lisa Lewis, Anita Grant, Miriam McGurran, Laura Mickelson, Pat Swenson, John Diedrich, Toni Marie O’Daniel

Attending Delegates and Committee Chairpersons:

Members and Guests: 

Excused Absence: Penny Gute

President Lori Conway called the meeting to order at 6:45.

Secretary Report

Laura Mickelson motioned to approve the minutes from the April 7, 2010 meeting as amended. Toni Mari seconded the motion.  Motion approved.  Roberta reported that she is looking into setting up the mnarabhorse Google account with club documents.

President’s Report

Lori Conway reported on the club initiative to grow our membership.  While our membership is down from a couple of years ago, our membership is not dropping at the same rate as other clubs.

Treasurer’s Report

Jill Frieders reported that MAHA has a net worth of $78,911.94 including our physical assets. Cash assets amount to  $76634.27.  Laura Mickelson motioned to approve the Treasurer’s report.   Toni Mari O’Daniel seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Membership Retention

Lisa Lewis reported that she is going through an old membership list and is contacting past members to encourage them to rejoin MAHA.  The effort is moving forward, although Lisa reports that it is quite time consuming.


Roberta Lembke reported that the next edition of the MAHA Express is in progress.  Board members recommended articles on the highpoint program (Teresa LeFever), Region 10 volunteers (Ann Benson), and membership article (Lori).

Advertising and Promotion

MAHA was contacted about supporting a team-penning event in Bemidji.  The Board discussed giving the winning Arabian rider $50 plus a free membership in MAHA.


Lori Conway reported that we have 229 adult members, 10 life members, and 71 youth.

Spring Show

Spring Show 2010 Show is expected to break even, perhaps having a profit of up to $1,000.   Ann Benson and Teresa LeFever have agreed to serve as co-chairs for the Spring Fling show.  The show is currently scheduled for April 1 – 3, 2011.  Ann was charged to ask the MN Equestrian Center to change the dates to the last week in March, assuming it doesn’t conflict with the judging seminar and the Rantoul, MI show.  The Board discussed having a reining clinic at the show and asking the reining exhibitors if they would be willing to pay a small additional fee to hire a separate NRHA.  Ann Benson will work on finding reining judge.   Teresa and Ann will investigate the possibilities of having a reining clinic at the show.

WSCA Shows and Open Shows Championship

Laura Mickelson reported that everything is set for the WSCA and Open Shows Championship.  Chris Rickart and Anita Grant will coordinate a party on the Saturday night.  The Half Arab club reported that their association had 68 horses at their Spring show and reported that their association with the Arabians Unplugged circuit contributed to their success.

MN Horse Expo

Anita Grant reported this years’ MN Horse Expo was a great success.  Anita thanked her volunteers, Conway Arabians, and Avalon Photography.  The big screen TV was a huge hit.  The Board thanked the Arabian Horse Times for their donation of the magazine.   The budget for the Expo was $600, with expenses coming to $ 411.63.

2010 Trail Rides

The Board discussed possible advertising strategies for the MAHA trail rides.  The Board discussed having posters placed in tack stores, elevators, and other locations, etc.   John will see if the Arabian Horse Times will donate poster printing and design.   The trail ride can be advertised on WSCA.

Distance Rides

Pat Swenson requested funding for a $200 High Point award for a September ride.  Jill Frieders motioned to approve, Laura Mickelson seconded.

Membership Survey

Lori Conway and Ann Benson reported that they continue to work on the member survey.  Board members are asked to send survey questions to them.

MN Horse Council

Miriam McGurran reported on the MN Horse Council activities.  The Horseman’s Directory is a free web site and directory and all are encouraged to read through the materials.  The Board discussed having someone from the MN Horse Council come to one of the meetings to talk about current legislative issues.

Miriam McGurran also showed the Board the tail bags that can be used as class awards.  The Board agreed that we should order 144 of them.


Hillary Hoffman is working on the annual meeting.  Cedar Ridge Arabians is willing to host a MAHA event at their facility.  Hillary reported that a two-day clinic would cost $2000, plus clinician expenses.  Hillary will include questions in the member survey to gauge member interest in the clinic, the potential cost to participate, etc.

Fall Show

Lori Conway reminded everyone that the Fall Show is September 18-19th.  Kristi Hart is the judge.  Although some volunteer positions are filled (announcer and barn manager), Lori is still looking for a wide range of volunteers and needs sponsorships.

The Board discussed  This free web site collects and provides show programs for all types of horse shows and events.  All event managers will be responsible for posting their event on this website and others.

2010 Meeting Dates

August 4 Board Meeting, Black Stallion, Hampton
September 18 General Membership Meeting
November 10, Black Stallion, Hampton

Toni Mari O’Daniel motioned to adjourn the meeting.  John Diedrich seconded the motion.  Motion approved and the meeting adjourned.